Privacy Policy (App name: Thafseer Amani) is a comprehensive and consummative study of Qur'an Thafseer prepared in Malayalam. This solemnized venture comes from Sheikh Mohammed Amani Moulavi. It is an authentic perception of Qur'an studies, Hadees, and Islamic History elaborated in the lights of Ayah. To append to its clarity there are interpretations from the author himself.

This App/Website is developed for entire Malayalam-speaking communities, regardless of their religion. This website / App doesn't require any kind of registration or login. It is open for everyone and we don't collect any personal information from the users and we don't serve any kind of ads.

We tried our level best to make it error-free, still if you see any contradiction, you should refer it back to the Arabic Quran or you need to check with the authentic Islamic scholars.